FAVNyoga med Sarah Huttner

I am Sarah and I am a educated Yoga teacher and breath and speech therapist. Yoga and work with the natural breath is affecting the whole body - as whole body movement, as relaxation and as mindful work.

Yoga inspires us to process to try new movements. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about our body, our mind and how to adapt the practice to our needs. I started Yoga to calm down in daily life and today Yoga is a part of my daily life. Beside the yoga mat, I spend lots of time being in nature and in the mountains of Norway, where I find inspiration for my classes.

After my speech and language therapy studies at the university of Erlangen, I worked with children with special needs and did my yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance). Breathing is a gentle influencing factor on our body and accessible to almost everyone. In order to deepen my knowledge, I was trained as a respiratory therapist in “Applied Respiratory Therapy”.

These days:
In addition to Yoga, I work in a medical setting as a breath and speech therapist, specialised in respiratory and speech disorders. I'm also studying Special Needs Education at the University of Oslo, doing continuous yoga teacher trainings, breathe & move every day.

My way of working:
I love to combine my knowledge of the different educations. Our body is a complex construct and we have to meet the needs of our body considering the whole construct. Classes should be adapted to our needs to feel wellbeing.
"It is not about reaching a goal- it is all about the process to find inner wellbeing“


I am originally from Germany, currently I'm on a B2 Norwegian course. I understand Norwegian well, so

feeel free to talk norwegian to me. During teaching I talk in English to share my instructions, feelings and knowledge in a more precise way with you :)

Yin Yoga and Breath therapy

Yin Yoga and Breath therapy
Wellbeing-positions to massage and stretch

This class combines Yin Yoga and breath therapy.
Your Yin Pose will be individually supported by the use of props.
The poses are designed to fall tensionless, to widen and stretch
muscles & fascia. All poses support your natural breathing function. A deep natural breath calms the nervous system, moves the body from inside and is good for the digestion.

You will not change or disturb your breath - but you support your natural breath to deepen by the pose and by individual breath massage in the pose (if you wish). You will feel a massage from inside done by your deep natural breathing, a tensionless position to stretch from outside and deep well-being for your mind when staying in the pose. Calm music and fragrances support your deep relaxation.

(Self) Massage –Yoga Spa

Deep and intense relaxation & wellbeing has effects on your neurological system, hormones, immune system and your feelings. This class is really about you - your self-care time - your time to relax. In focus of the class is “massage”. Self-massaging techniques and the use of props and breath massage to support the natural breathing function to calm down. Music, candles and the use of natural fragrances and oils supports your relaxation.

(Self) Massage –Yoga Spa
Face - Neck Yoga – Relax and smoothen

Face - Neck Yoga – Relax and smoothen

Your face shows your inner wellbeing. When feeling anxiety, disgust or when we wonder, we often tense our face. When having stress we often have a higher breathing and tense muscles around shoulders and neck instead of a deep diaphragm breathing. Maybe you know the feeling of “heavy shoulders” when being stressed. In this class you balance and smoothen mimic muscles, relax jaw, shoulders and neck.

You will feel free in the chest area & your face will show this inner wellbeing- a relaxed face is a pretty face.

Slow Flow – deep breath – to free body and mind

Our body is made to move in every direction and our breath is made to support movements.
This is the feeling of moving freely. In our daily, sometimes stressful life, we forget about that. This slow, breath based flow on your natural breath is made to loosen and relax the whole body.

To free your mind from daily stress. To move in every direction. You deepen your breath with easy, calm, flowing movements.

A cosy surroundings helps us to relax when flowing and letting breath - body and mind connect.

Slow Flow – deep breath – to free body and mind
Yoga and Breath therapy – For a better sleep

Yoga and Breath therapy – For a better sleep

30 min of relaxation, calming down and activating parasympathetic before going to bed. Sleep has to be prepared. Before and during the day to break down the stress level. See sleep as a ritual, which you are looking forward to every day and which you design.
In this course
you get different ideas to activate parasympathetic and to calm down before sleep. Calm movements, meditation, relaxation exercises, breath work, music & short stories.
Perfect preparation for and before going to bed.

Individual classes/treatment:
One to one

Breath therapy, Breath massage:
Breath therapy has the aim to help people with respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD, pneumonia, neurological), post/long-COVID, fears, nervousness, voice and speech disorders, operations or trauma in the chest area, tension, chronic pain, sleep disorders ....and to improve self-awareness, self-help to get a physiological breathing.

The "Angewandte" ; therapeutical breath-therapy works with the natural breath. It is not a breath exercise, which manipulates the breath cognitively. Exercises (to stretch muscles/fascia, deepen
the breath, elongate exhalation, loosen joints, stimulate breathing) and manual techniques are done.

The breath is naturally reacting on these stimuli. The body goes as far as it can at this moment and gradually the breathing deepens and expands. It is particularly nice that the work on breathing is accessible to everyone and has no special physical requirements.
In a one to one setting the exercises are chosen on the clients’ needs. In group setting it is all about preventive work, deepening the breath and self-awareness.

Breath therapy, Breath massage:
Combining Breath Therapy & Yoga


Combining Breath Therapy & Yoga

Selected Yoga poses prepare, move and loosen your body to deepen the natural breath. These poses are a good option to also work on your breathing function at home.

Benefits of breath (therapy)

deepen (without manipulating/pushing breath) etablish natural rhythm expand the body from the inside moving the body, spine, rip-cage from within activate digestion body straightening and posture engine of the voice

neurological concentration, set focus, self-perception calming/influencing autonomic nervous system

musculoskeletal system stretching of muscles/fascia loosening of joints

Practice yoga with me!